Ilaria Triptych.                                                           Runner-up in 2021 Poetry on the Lake Silver Wyvern Competition & nominated for The Forward Prize for Best Single Poem 2022

Competition Judge James Harpur’s comments on the poem:
Full of striking images, this multi-faceted, elegant poem gains in power and pathos as the voice of Ilaria scatters her thoughts from the beyond, reaching out and drawing us into her Renaissance world, a world circumscribed by status and gender that Ilaria has now escaped from.

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When the moment comes, it comes with the Tams      [written for the ArtWrite MOMENTS project ]

Song over, I feel an aching sadness, 

not because I know that fourteen year old me

walked to the bus stop alone and un-kissed, 

but because I’ll never again feel the hope I felt 

as I pulled that yellow daisy smock over my head.

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I hold out my hand but she cannot see me and I cannot help her;
I am no goddess burst from the clouds…

The journey begins. You are captured there in a moment of time and I am trying to find you.

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