For Juliet   (Shortlisted 2018 POETRY ON LOAN competition)

Then you’ll kiss long-legged boys and feel the pain

of mermaids afraid of the waves they’ve swum…

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pastes that will stain lips the shade of Penelope’s,  

 bitten and kissed after twenty years.

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WOLF 2020 poetry competition awards , Sun 2nd Feb, 3.30, Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

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DREAMS OF DEATH AND SOCRATES                 Shortlisted in Wolverhampton Literature Festival Poetry Competition 2020 & included in festival poetry anthology

I could have told you why Socrates wasn’t afraid to die;

that for him death was either a single night of dreamless sleep,

or else a chance to walk and talk with the dead,

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Elizabethan girls

Elizabeth, Nan and

Lettice sewing hare-bells, pansies,

honesty and roses

for unknown husbands who don’t give

a damn for girls’ stitches.

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came home beneath a moon whose face grinned pink as the giant’s 

sniffing and waiting for me at the top of a bean-stalk.     

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