I really enjoyed this book, whizzing through it in 4 days and will soon be reading it again. I particularly like the way that the backstory weaves in and out of the current events. Layers of the story are gradually revealed. Your initial opinions of characters change as you find out more about them. An intriguing book, I am looking forward to reading more of SC Ashton’s work. Eileen Draper

A very clever book … full of laugh out loud humour and genuine regard for the ridiculousness of life. Wonderfully written!  Francesca Green 

All in all, I really truly enjoyed reading this! The plot was good, but the dialogue made it one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had the pleasure of going through in a long time.Theodora Wicks

Michael’s unravelling is [also] a serious business, gradually exposing some darker shadows, and there’s an important exploration of the damaging consequences which result from trying to protect other people from the price of honesty. The imminent wedding towards which Michael is helplessly drawn provides a powerful narrative drive, as this intelligent, readable novel sustains its interest and suspense up to the final page. Paul Francis

Michael’s story is compelling, hilarious and moving in turn, with some very acute observations on the absurdity of modern life. Highly recommended. Liz Kershaw

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